Silo Stick

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The compact size and extra extended length of the Silo Stick allows you to easily, safely and quickly check feed bin content levels from the ground.

The lightweight aluminum telescoping pole and HDPE ball tip allows growers to tap and rub the side of each feed bin from the ground to monitor feed content levels. The distinct noise difference between dead air space in the empty part of a bin, and the part of the bin with feed remaining inside quickly reveals internal bin content levels.

• Quickly check feed bin levels from the ground
• The difference in sounds produced as the Silo Stick is run along the bin rings reveals feed levels inside the bins
• Extends to over 15 feet and retracts to just under 3 feet 9 inches long
• Lightweight (under 2 pounds)
• Requires no complicated electronics or expensive equipment

Length: 44-3/4" (closed), 181-1/2" (extended)
Weight: 1.4 pounds