Huwa-San, Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide, Water Treatment

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Water That Cleans

Huwa-San, by Arbourdale, is a top-rated water treatment that is un-matched at controlling fungi, viruses, and bacteria throughout the poultry operation.
By improving the water quality, productivity and the birds gut health stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide boosts the flock performance with accelerated weight gain and reduced mortality rates. 
Add stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide to your daily operation and eliminate the necessity of all other water treatment products. From the water room to the grow barn and through the processing facility, Huwa-San keeps every part of your production clean and worry-free.

The Full Package

Let Newleaf set you up! We're offering a complete analysis of your water, followed by the installation of a peristalic pump and specialized water meter. Throughout the production we stay by your side, providing training from start to finish on your Huwa-San system: showing you how to take and test samples and adjust your set-up accordingly. Let us prove it to you - ask us about our guarantee. 


25KG - Approx. 30,000 broiler flock.