Fusion Control

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Let the Fusion make your life easier 

• Manage all your heaters, fans, curtains, foggers, and more from one control only
• Set up multiple rooms or groups and view key performance indicators for each space
• Monitor and control your facility anytime and anywhere, online
• Set your ideal climate, and the Fusion will adjust accordingly
• Manually override set climate with digital toggle switches - (also accessible online)
• Integrated sensors detect when the environment in your barn is outside of ideal conditions and automatically adjust equipment accordingly
• Intuitive graphical interface allows you to see room CFM, temperature, humidity, curtain status, number of livestock, static pressure, feed inventory at one glance
• Limit control access based on RFID tags or custom pins so you know exactly who is controlling your environment
Integrated alarm system sends alert notifications to mobile devices and groups of people. Out of town?Easily re-route alarm notifications to your next in charge
• Run up to twelve separate rooms from just one control
• Outstanding flexibility - 12 card slots come standard but get up to 36 slots by adding two expansion modules with 12 card slots each
• Integrated sensors detect when too much or too little power is used
Intelligent Control so each module can continue to operate even if the main processor stops
• Livestock Tracker lets you maintain an accurate herd count without paper inventory cards
View historical data to make repairs, refine settings and save money
• Conforms to UL STDS 61010-1 and 61010-2-201
• Certified to CSA STD C22.2 No. 61010-1