Poultry Specific Greenlite Lightbulbs

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Greenlite is an exclusive manufacturer and distributor of energy-efficient products. Their bulbs come with a 3 year warranty, dimmable and shatterproof. Longer lasting than your regular bulb, a greenlite LED 9WATT bulb can save you up to $140 / bulb lifetime.

Your options:
💡 9WATT, 3000K, 800 lumens (ideal for laying hens)
💡 9WATT, 4000K, 800 lumens (ideal for broilers)
💡 9WATT, 5000K, 800 lumens (ideal for broilers)
💡 15WATT, 3000K, 1600 lumens (ideal for brooder lights)
💡 15WATT, 5000K, 1600 lumens (ideal for your service room and office)